There are those who are always waiting … waiting for something better to come along … never satisfied with their current circumstances. Can you not see from your vantage point that they will never be satisfied, for to them satisfaction lies in something that has not yet happened.

Are you sometimes guilty of the same thing? Step outside yourself to the same vantage point and have a look. What do you see? One who is always striving, hoping, and looking forward, or one who is perfectly content with their life now? If not the latter, then slow down a moment. Put on the brakes and stop time, for time is only an illusion. This “some day” that you long for will never get here. It will always remain “some day.” Yes, the things you long for may arrive in the present moment, but “some day” will remain ever illusive.

Sit back in your stopped state and take stock of this moment. Can you be satisfied with what you have here and now? If not, then change your here and now here and now. Here is where change happens. Now is all you ever have. Live it fully, my friend. Immerse yourself in the joy of simply “being,” being ever grateful for the never-ending moments of now.