Growing old is never easy, as you watch your loved ones depart from this world … as you watch the changes in your body and theirs … but is not all of life about change? You have seen the changes in the seasons your whole life. All of life expresses itself in cycles—cycles of nature: birth, growth, aging, death … a never-ending cycle.

You watch the leaves appear, grow, turn green, then brown, then flutter to the ground to return to the earth from which they came, only to return again with the next season. Your life is but a mirror of this process. You fear the aging and the death. These are inevitable. This you know. But have no fear. Your spirit participates in this same cycle.

You will die to this current experience, but many experiences lie ahead of you and those you love. Always remember, where two are linked by the bonds of love, always will they be joined—here and hereafter. Say goodbye for now, but in the great cycle of life, there is always another reunion.