There are times when all of your troubles seem to pile up at once. You wonder, is this an avalanche with everything falling upon you and seemingly suffocating you? There, in the center, is a little breathing space. It is completely quiet and dark at first, but stay there but a few minutes looking with eyes closed and you will see a tiny pin prick of light. This is your salvation. From this light comes a sense of peace … the knowingness that you are not alone and are well protected.

No matter what is going on around you, this quiet space with the breathing room and tiny light is your sacred place to which you can retreat at any time. Go there often and watch as that light grows until it not only fills you and surrounds you, but until you realize that it IS you. Then, my friend, it will not matter what befalls you … you will know that you can see your way through it in peace.

Peace be with you.