Batteries … they do take stored energy and convert it into something useful—usable energy which you can call on at any time to make your small appliances work. Your body is like a battery. It does store up energy which you then use to run the very parts of yourself. But like your small Duracells, do not the cells of your body run down and need replenishment?

Plug your Self into the Great Battery Charger on a regular basis. Receive a supply of revitalizing energy at any time—yes, by stopping the frenetic action to and fro and resting, of course. But from where comes the replenishing flow of energy which you do take on during rest? Ask yourself this question.

Your energy supply comes from the unlimited Source. Should this Source wish for you to no longer continue your lessons in the great school of physical life, your physical battery would run down completely. But from moment to moment your Source replenishes the body and the spirit as well. Treat it well, and give it time to recharge. And while you are resting or sitting in the silence, give thanks that you have an ever-present light inside you, fueled by the loving energy of your Source.