Tribes of nations go to war …
What for?
They fight and kill each other,
Forgetting that the other’s a brother

It is the governments that rule
Who do forget this is a school
Where all the same things come to learn
Where all inside for love do yearn.

It’s through illusion they forget.
They see not the truth inside, and yet
Here and there does lie a glimmer
Of the light that in all does shimmer.

Give up not hope that love will prevail.
There is a happy ending to this tale.
For one day will be lifted the veil of illusion
And gone forever will be man’s confusion.

If only through what you now call death
When the body takes its final breath.
For now you see this as an end
But it’s then to you great hope we send.

For then you’ll truly see with new eyes.
It’s then all men do realize
That all the fighting was a game of man
A tiny blink in the over-all plan.

The wars and destruction are part of the lessons
That in your soul do leave deep impressions,
And teach to all the importance of Life
Instead of raising a gun or a knife.