You watch the sun rise above the horizon and you rejoice at the start of another day. What new opportunities will it bring? If you do not see this new beginning in such a light, then we ask you to shine a very bright light onto your thoughts. Perhaps you are going through a difficult time in your life, but has not the sun arisen again to bring light into your life? It is clouds across the mind that do block out this realization.

The Great Spirit gave birth to the sun to bring you light and the hope of rebirth, renewal, and growth. The Great Spirit created YOU to experience the light and to shine your own light upon others. No matter what challenges you face, the sun will always rise to shine upon you, and the light is always there within you. It is only you who can clear away the clouds. No matter what challenges you face, this realization that the light lies there within you can banish the darkness in an instant.

Yes, the sunset does remind you of the cycles of life. Within the physical world there are beginnings and endings. Change is the signature of the Divine Mind at work. But knowing that the sunrise always follows the sunset and that the sun never actually goes away, you find hope. The darkness is not lasting. The light is still there. This too shall pass.