Allow yourself to grow older. Yes, you have a choice – between resisting and allowing. Allow the aches and pains. Allow the need for testing–the tests that come to you from both your doctors and your life lesson teachers. You are here to learn, and you cannot learn unless you grow. This you call aging.

It is those who resist this very natural process who age faster than others. Do you see the irony? Resistance causes blockage of the rejuvenating, healing, energizing Life Force. Allow this natural process of aging to occur, and instantly you do feel better inside, in the very part of you which never ages. Retreat to that part of you which is pure spirit. Watch the aging process with great interest as you allow it to occur. Send compassion to the body as it serves you. Send compassion to others who do not understand the truths of the Spirit.

When you see a new wrinkle or undergo other milestones in the process of living a physical life, step into awareness of yourself as spirit and allow. Now there’s a new wrinkle, is it not?