Bury your thoughts and you think you’ve done away with them. But where do they go when you push them down or away? Thoughts are pure energy, and energy cannot be destroyed—merely transformed. Those thoughts that you leave behind continue to fester in the subconscious mind and can be seen in your energy field by those who can perceive these subtle energies.

So what to do in order that those thoughts which no longer serve you no longer affect you? Because they are energy, you transform them. You replace them with thoughts of a higher frequency so that those thoughts of a lower frequency are subsumed and transmuted into new beliefs of a finer vibration. This does not happen by itself. First realize that you did create the lesser thoughts of your own mind by believing illusions thrust upon you by a world steeped in illusion. Anything less than love is a lie and serves you not.

Step into that place in which you know yourself as pure Love and from this place of creation create love-filled thoughts in which any other thoughts cannot survive—forced out, changed, and transmuted by love. This is transformation.