Look not always toward the future, nor focus on the past. You live only in the present moment. This is all you have. You cause yourself needless worry wondering what will happen days and weeks from now. Realize that you are the creator of now. As a creator, each now that builds upon the other is yours. How do you choose to live in this moment?

When you choose to recognize your true power as a focus of Consciousness and begin to express your true nature as a loving spirit-being, then you begin to experience the perfection of life. As you see your dreams fall into place, then you can relax. With the realization that all is in perfect order always, you know that future now-moments will flow perfectly, without needless worry. You will see the past as now-moments when you were not in the flow. Rather than looking on those moments with regret, see them with loving gratitude for the lessons that they were.

Step into the flow now and create each now-moment with joy and peace—your true birthrights.