Know that every one of you who walks upon the earth is cradled in the arms of angels. Never are you not cared for or watched over. Know that when one suffers, we are at your side, holding your hand. God forsakes no one, for God is the loving Force that animates ALL living things.

The trials of life are hard for you to bear … the sickness and the surgeries, the suffering, and the pain. The physical body undergoes changes, but know that the spirit is always connected to that Loving Source and cannot be harmed.

When you pray, it is always heard. Your prayers carry a special energy – a loving vibration that is felt and appreciated by the intended spirit. Know that the higher good of the spirit is always fostered by your prayers, even if you cannot see the outward result. Do not cease praying, for this helps all concerned, including yourself. It maintains the link of love, which is always there, but which is strengthened through this most special form of acknowledgment.