Turn the page and begin with a clean sheet. Is this not how you begin each day? Sleep is a time to rejuvenate the body, but also a time to make a clean break from the thoughts and actions of the previous day. The previous day is gone. It exists no more in the light of a new day. What will you create as you open your eyes anew?

Each moment of this new beginning you are given the opportunity to choose how you live your life, how you wish to feel, how you will affect those around you, and how you will allow those around you to affect you. Pay close attention to the latter. Understand that no other affects your moods, your feelings, or your choices. You are the chooser of your moods, your feelings, and of your every action.

Upon opening your eyes each day, spend a moment in gratitude. Then make the decision to carry that moment with you from moment to moment throughout the day. By living with this attitude, you open your heart to send and receive love, more aware through the expression of gratitude that love is your very nature. Do not waste another day looking at the past nor worrying what will be. Be thankful for this day and all it has to give you. Give from your heart and make the most of this blessed day.