Note from Suzanne: Again, a spirit poem, received from Sanaya in only five non-stop minutes, complete with double entendres and metaphors … nothing I could ever put together myself. Spirit is awesome.

Bending over, you feel a pain in your back.
What is this? Some kind of attack?
The aches and pains that come with age
Leave you oft with the feeling you’re trapped in a cage.

But the body a prison cell is not.
It is, in fact, the best tool you have got.
It’s like a pencil in a lesson—
Your very own form of self-expression.

For you are spirit taken form.
And with the body’s shape you now conform.
It moves in time with your desires
But over time the body it tires.

Look not in anger or disdain
When you feel an ache or pain.
But thank the body for its service,
Even tho’ its loss does make you nervous.

To touch and feel and see and smell–
The body thus has served you well.
For as spirit these things you cannot do.
These are the body’s gifts to you.

There’ll come a day when the body you leave
And then the truth you will believe,
And thanks you’ll give to what you’ve felt
With the physical hand that you were dealt.

We hope you see our message clear:
The body you should hold quite dear.
Even if not perfect in the end …
The spirit’s tool God did you send.