Where you place your focus
Is what you do attract.
If you want to find true peace,
You must understand this fact.

You spend so much time watching the news and fretting over the perceived wrongs in your world, and thus you perpetuate them. What would you like to see in your world? Can you imagine if millions of people placed their thoughts on peace and the well-being of all souls? Can you imagine?

Consciousness creates reality. Your mass consciousness continues to find war and killing acceptable. Were this not so, it would stop. Do not think that you cannot make a difference. Focus on that which you desire to see, not on that which you abhor. In this way you are sending positive vibrations into the vast energy field. These waves intersect with the lower vibrations and cancel them out. Now start a wave of mass consciousness focused on love, kindness, compassion, and respect for life and be a catalyst for change.