Should you eat meat? Should you eat meat on Friday? Should you wear a scarf over your head? So many rules, but all of these are merely tools. In the end, the message they send, is which will get you closer to God? You need do nothing to purify the body, but to realize who you are inside—a child of God, pure already.

Your habits will change over a lifetime. Your rituals may evolve. Ask yourself always: what problem do they solve? If by eating less or more, you deepen your connection more, then stay with the practice. “Whatever works,” you say, and this is true. Whatever works to find the real You. Scoff at no other, for each one is your brother. If they dress in different form from what you consider the norm, why do you care? Whatever it takes to get them there.

There are infinite paths to finding God. Some you may find rather odd, but let each man walk his own way. Each will see the light of day eventually, whether here or in the hereafter. For now, may your days be filled with laughter and joy as you enjoy the many paths to Discovery.