“Be strong,” you say to people. What does this mean? In your world, to show strength means to hold the head high and not cry when problems arise. Often, this is necessary, but do not be afraid to let the tears fall as well. There is no shame in breaking down and asking for help.

Weakness and strength … what is the difference? They are two means of calling upon that Force that guides you to guide you. In strength, you summon that Force near and know that you, as a focus of that Force, can create any situation you need, merely with your thoughts. You know that you are never alone. In weakness, you call on that Force to reveal Itself through others who give you a shoulder to cry on or for that Force to well up inside you and reveal Itself as the Love that never leaves your side.

In either case, you are never alone, but buoyed by this Force. Weak or strong, the Force inside remains ever present—there to call on—the one unchanging variable upon which you can rely.