You have in your world an expression—to “think outside the box.” What is this box you have placed yourself inside? The box of beliefs which make up your reality. The subconscious mind makes most of your decisions for you from moment to moment based on what beliefs you have previously put in this box. The box can be quite limiting. It is also quite full. Any new ideas you try to place in the box are immediately compared with others already held within. If they do not fit, the ideas in the box rebel and throw out the newcomer.

Thinking outside the box is much like accessing your own higher consciousness in which your physical body is the box. Make a shift in consciousness, moving your mind beyond the confines of the brain and there you will find limitless new ways of looking at the world and at yourself.

You can empty the box at any time. We recommend a bit of spring cleaning now and then. Take a look inside the box and see which thoughts do need to be removed and replaced with new ones from outside the box that better reflect your soul’s constant evolution.