Always there is more work to do. Never can you rest fully in your purpose, but this should not be a chore. The problem lies in your interpretation of “work.” Your most critical “job” in this lifetime is to learn to love. Not all jobs are difficult, and this one should not be so hard, yet do you not make it so at times?

With the understanding of your main task in life, can you not see that you can be working while playing? That you can be working while on vacation? That you can be working while sitting in traffic or waiting in a line?

It is not hard to do your work. You are the boss. No one else has supervisory control over your task. You may work overtime or take a break, and there is instant feedback. Give yourself a daily performance review, or perhaps from minute to minute if things are not going well. “How can I be more loving?” is always the reference point. Choose the path of love in every instant. Be the loving spirit-being that you are and you will find your work a joy.