Note from Suzanne. Two posts today … one the regular message from Sanaya (see the next post) and the following words. These came from Sanaya as further explanation to a question posed to the spirit world during a channeling session. The issue was about spirits knowing when they would leave this lifetime and how to explain seemingly accidental or tragic deaths…

The problem is that you think that death is a tragedy … that the taking of many lives at once is the worst possible thing that can happen, but have we not told you repeatedly that we do rejoice when souls return to our world, where they are more surrounded by love than they are aware of when in your dimension? You have been conditioned to believe that death is the end, and so, when many are taken, to you this is a so-called “disaster.”

This is why we ask you to see the big picture. If you could see from our perspective the rejoicing that takes place when one returns to the fold, you would better understand. When many more lives can be affected by the departure of one from your world through lessons in compassion, through those that go on to seek the meaning of life because of this so-called tragedy, then there is meaning in the departure.

It is not necessary for a soul to spend four score years upon your earth for it to learn lessons. Often it is not its own personal growth, but the growth of those around that soul who do benefit from its presence on earth. Think of the little children who only spend but a short period on earth and then return to our dimension. There does appear to be great suffering for those left behind. In part, this is from their ignorance of the nature of life. Mostly it is the selfish feeling of need of that one’s touch—and this we do understand deeply. We understand the effects of love, but again, if you were to understand that you will be reunited, perhaps this would lessen the pain you feel.

But do not those who suffer such a loss often grow tremendously and go on to help others? They grow in their own compassion. They are led to seek the meaning of life. They are led to God. Why do you think we call your world a hell? For you do learn these lessons without the benefit of the big picture.

We ask you to bide your time on earth, awaiting the moment when you can see your loved ones and understand the reasons why not all beings live what you consider a “full life.” Until that time, use these so-called tragedies, use the deaths of those who die what you would call “too young” to develop your own character—to develop your own divinity—to grow in your own compassion … to make something good come of that which you consider a tragedy, and then you will begin to understand better why all of life is a cycle—a coming and a going—always with the purpose of growing. There is no set age at which one departs, for it is all about continuous recycling and growth.

This is one of the most difficult lessons you must face. What will you do when faced with tragedy? How will you react? Will you draw inward and continue your suffering, because this is how you have been programmed, or will you face outward and make a difference in the lives around you, hoping to lessen the pain of others? That is why you are here—to work as one large whole, raising the vibration of all of those around you, and in so doing, raising your own vibration.