You speak of a devil and give this energy the attributes of an actual being. What is the devil, but the personification of one end of a spectrum of life? At one end you have love and goodness and kindness and compassion, embodied in a benevolent, fatherly figure. At the other end you have hatred and evil embodied in a man you call Satan.

Neither exists in the form you imagine. Love and hate, goodness and evil are all experiences within Consciousness. You cannot know light until you experience dark. You have no concept of cold without knowing its opposite. Where you place your focus is what you experience. The so-called devil and evil do not exist unless you create them in your mind.

Do you wish to experience only love and goodness? Then place your focus there. These are the true attributes of your Source, for always you are drawn to the higher vibration. The potential for all attributes—good and evil—lie in every man. The choice is always yours what you will experience and express. Be that which you wish to see in the world. Let your light shine so as to banish the darkness.