Sounds that you hear are naught but vibrations hitting the physical eardrum. Sights you see are vibrations of light-energy hitting the retina. Things that you touch vibrate at specific frequencies, which the brain interprets as hard or soft. The brain is naught but a grand computer—a frequency analyzer—that gives meaning to the many vibrations which come in through the skin, the ears, the eyes, the nose, and the mouth. But what if you had not these instruments? Would all cease to be? The answer is no, my friends.

You have come to rely on these sensory inputs, but put these aside and listen with the soul. See with the soul. Feel with the soul. How your perception of Reality would change! You would understand then that all is vibration, including the soul, and all vibrates from the consciousness of the Field—your Source—that which you call God.

You are floating in this Field now, held aloft in the arms of love—the highest vibration … sustained with every breath as an experience in Consciousness, for you ARE that consciousness. Send love and gratitude this day as you awaken to these truths, strange as they may seem. Ask that your eyes and ears be further awakened and simply feel the Love.