Ask and you shall receive. This is the way your world works. “But I have asked quite often and see no results,” you say. Let us explain. First, please understand that you must pay attention to how you ask. Be most deliberate in your wording. Quite often you will receive exactly what you ask for. One of your books tells of a man who asked for a change of heart and received a transplant. (A bit of humor, but a most telling example).

Second, have patience. There may be quite a delay between the asking and the receiving. You may have lessons to learn first—bricks to put in the wall of your life that you are building. You cannot lay the top row before the others have been laid. When finally you do receive, you will look back and see this.

And lastly, always what you receive will serve the greater good, for all is One. So when we say, “Ask and you shall receive,” we are not talking about a new car, or house, or other ephemeral material possession. Ask for those things which will awaken your soul and help your Light and the Light of those around you to shine ever brighter. These prayers are always answered in time. It is the Law, and God’s laws cannot be broken. So ask away.