All of your needs are provided. This you have heard over the years, and yet you see the beggar on the corner with his sign. And where is his provision? Why do some go homeless and without food? It is because they are living in darkness. Call it ignorance, if you will. It is all the same … a lack of understanding of the true power of the human being. The human being is not the limited creature those in darkness see it to be, but Spirit through and through. And what is Spirit but the expression of the God-Force. Can you limit the God-Force? Of course not. Once you understand this, then all abundance is yours.

The problem lies in your conception—or better put—misperception of this word abundance. What is abundance to an aborigine? What is abundance to one who is raised in your Hollywood? Do you see now without further explanation how abundance is a concept that begins in the mind?

First and foremost abundance is Love. You are given a limitless supply of this creative power. “But Love cannot create money,” you say. But this is not true. When there is famine or natural catastrophe, does not the money flow? And where does this flow originate? From love. Reexamine your priorities and your definition of abundance, and you will see that when your priorities are in the right order, all is truly provided.

There can be no limits in a word where all that exists is the Creative Force. You, as a manifestation of this Force can create the life you wish. Read the beggar’s sign. His words there define the limited life he has created. Were he to change his thoughts and his view of his creative power, he could never hold such a self-limiting sign. Emboldened with new thoughts derived from his Power, oh, how his life would change. It is the same for you. What sign do you hang around your neck? By your actions and your circumstances, are you telling the world you are a limited being, or the limitless expression of God’s love?