It is quite easy to get caught up in the story of your life. “What else is there?” you ask when trying to imagine life without the drama. There is simply being. This is a state you knew quite well when first you entered the body. You looked about you and had no worries. The mind did not chatter away for it had not yet been filled with experiences. Now that these have built up, they have taken on a life of their own. This is the story. How to clear away the clouds blocking you from your true nature and the inherent peace in being? Spend just a few minutes every so often being still. Breathe. Focus on nothing other than This. Just as a runner pauses every so often to catch the breath, you can recharge in the same way.

You are so very loved.

*Note from Suzanne: Sanaya always tells me what title to put on these daily messages. I leave my meditation room and go to the living room to post them first on Facebook, then on my website and Awakened Way app. Minutes ago as I posted this message on Facebook, Sanaya said, “Call this one ‘Just Breath’.” I wrote the title at the end of the post as I always do, then went to my website to post the message there. Just as I typed “Just Breathe” in the title block FAITH Hill came on our Pandora station singing what? “Just breathe!” I captured the moment on video because you just can’t make this stuff up. We are part of one big web, my friends. Here’s the recipe for being in the flow: 1. Ask to be guided moment by moment. 2. Remain aware for snags and nudges 3. Act on them and 4. Trust that you are always guided. Blessings abound!