Are you dissatisfied with your life? What would you do to change it? “Anything,” you say? What if we were to tell you that the change you desire would come about with the simple investment of five minutes out of each day? Would you be willing to invest five minutes to change your life? If so, then join us daily and sit quietly. Five minutes. That is all we ask … five minutes on a regular basis of closing your eyes so as to close out the outer world and then focusing on your inner world.

Yes, of course your mind will want to chatter. Tell it you will be back in a few, but please be quiet for now. Concentrate on your slow breathing as a way of quieting your thoughts. This is the beginning. If you use these five minutes as a training ground to attune to All That Is, having the intention when you sit of getting to know yourself as the God-Force (Yes, a bold statement, we know, but how else will you transform your life?), then true change will begin.

Are you dissatisfied with your life? Begin to change it with five minutes a day. Every day. Change will occur. It is the law of cause and effect. And if those five minutes become ten, then fifteen, then twenty, then we cannot be responsible for your transformation, for at that point you will truly begin to understand who you are and you will finally take full responsibility for your life.