We in the world of spirit do know what lies ahead for you in the immediate future. The longer future is less certain, for it will be affected by each tiny choice you make in each moment—by each thought which arises from your mind. (Be ever mindful that your thoughts in themselves are choices). As for your future, picture it as a large map spread out before you. When you chose to come to this experience in the physical realm, you chose your final destination on the map. (Be aware that we use the word “destination” metaphorically—each destination along the way represents the grand experiences of your life). You, as a sentient being with free will, are free to choose which route you will take.

Looking at the map of your life, there are main highways and many tiny roads. Your so-called psychics can see the destination points and some of the main highways with their twists and turns and bumps along the way. But you in the driver’s seat may suddenly choose, on a whim, to turn down one of the side roads and thus to change your experience of the journey in a way that was not foreseen. You will often know immediately when you might have chosen a better route. None of this is bad or good; it simply is. It is all part of the journey.

Know that the future is spread before you as a map, then concentrate well on your driving NOW. Do no harm to those around you as you travel. Be courteous and kind and send them love, and your road will be all the more smooth.