Every moment is a teaching/learning opportunity.  If you are the Source having a human experience, why do you need teaching?  Who is teaching whom?  It is not so much a teaching, as opportunities for dissolving beliefs and filters that are blocking Awareness.  Why would Awareness forget itself?  Ah, so simple of an answer.  Do you not become so absorbed in your television shows that you lose awareness of your surroundings?  Where did you go when that happens?  You did not go anywhere.  You were distracted.  Your full attention was focused on the show in front of you.  And so it is for the Awareness that is you.  So drawn do some of you become by the show around you that you forget your most basic essence.  These little notes are not teachings so much as nudges to withdraw your focus from the show and remember you are still sitting on the couch eating popcorn.  You, the essential you, has not gone anywhere.  Chew on this for a while.  We will continue to feed you, one kernel at a time as long as you are enjoying the teaching, the sharing, the dissolving, the Love.

Note from Suzanne:  If you’ve noticed a theme in Sanaya’s teaching recently, you’re right.  We will be expanding upon this teaching in tonight’s monthly mentoring webinar (Tues. Oct 16, 8 PM EASTERN).  So much to share!  If you’d like to join us, please click here for more information:  www.SuzanneGiesemann.com/mentor