Note from Suzanne:  Heading into Canada today for a week or so.  Posting Sanaya’s messages will be dependent on finding a location with WIFI … please check back if she hasn’t been posted when you log in.  Be well!
Your experiences are always a matter of focus.  What is focus, but a deliberate placing of consciousness.  You are so very focused now in the reality known as the physical world that this is your principal experience.  It is when you shift your focus to a world beyond, that you do open the doors to new experiences.  This causes a shift in your consciousness, and lo!  Behold!  A new reality appears.
It is a bit difficult for some to make this shift, for the human focus is so very deeply rooted in the present reality, but with belief, intention, desire, and determination, it is possible to experience other realities at any time.  Some of you have done this and do so on a regular basis.  How is this possible at all?  Quite simple, my friend, because YOU are a focus of Consciousness, yourself.  When you align your desire with the desires of your True Self, then all comes very closely into focus.