Have we not told you that you are never alone?  And yet you walk about feeling lonely.  You do turn your music up loud so as not to feel so alone.  Why do you crave the presence of others?  This is understandable, and not a cause for guilt.  Life is about relationships and learning to love through interaction with others.  But know that it is your time when no other humans are present when you learn to love yourself.  You cannot love others in a healthy, non-clinging manner until you realize that the Source of Love lies within.  And this is why we tell you that you are never alone.  You walk with Love, for Love is your Source.  You are the expression of Love, temporarily in human form, but eternally Love in action, whether taking form or not.

Walk about today and be yourself.  Whether alone or with others, be Love.  Let it transform your actions.  Acting in this way, you will not and cannot know loneliness.