Birds do fly and soar, enjoying what appears to be far greater freedom than you with the heavy physical body which keeps you so firmly rooted on the ground. But make no mistake—you can soar like a bird as well. To gain your wings and fly, first realize what you are—a spirit-being, a child of the Great Spirit, which has decided to walk as man or woman for a short while and experience legs and feet. Inside that man or woman lies a pulsing, vibrant spirit.

Can you not feel it? Can you not hear it whispering to you in those times when you pull your concentrated focus back from the body and all that the body senses? It is then you find your wings. It is then, in the realization that you are only temporarily using this body to experience an aspect of reality, that you experience lift-off.

Detach from your great attachment to all things physical and fly¸ my friends. Soar as the spirit-being you are, and find the freedom to be your true Self—an expression of Love … a spark of the Divine. Express that part of you which is divine … express your loving nature at all times, and see just how free you truly are.