Step outside yourself. This we have told you before. But what do we mean? You allow your body to define your boundaries. To so many, the world of awareness ends at the skin, but this is an illusion. The body is a vessel—true—but you exist far more around and beyond the body than within it. The body allows you to experience the physical world and to interact with this world, but do not allow the body—as so many do—to cut off your experience of your eternal existence as a spirit-being. You are that ethereal energy being now. Expand your consciousness and you expand your self-imposed limits.

Your consciousness … your mind … your spirit is pure energy, as you call it, and as such it has no boundaries. Visualize yourself without limits, and the spectrum of new experiences and knowledge to which you will be exposed will amaze you. “What was I waiting for? Why did I not do this and know this earlier?” you may find yourself asking when you discover that this part of yourself has been there all along. You were waiting for just the right moment, and the moment is now.

Welcome home.