Perfection is not so easily attained, yet you strive for this. The goal is not a bad one, but the trouble comes when you fail to achieve this ever-elusive state and feel somehow less than you are.

At your essence, you are perfect already. You are perfect Love, for your Source is pure love. You have accepted this lifetime experience in order to express this divine nature. If, in striving to be perfect, you strive to be the perfect expression of love, all else will fall into place. Your life will flow divinely. Miracles will be the norm. However, if you strive to have the perfect house, the perfect car, the perfect clothes, the perfect yard, and your life is not flowing as you think it should, then retreat to the basics.

These external elements (the house, the car, the yard …) can be yours and oft-times land in the lap even when priorities have been skipped over. But all of these physical trappings lose their luster when you discover the part of yourself that can shine brighter than any fine stone or new car. If you must be a perfectionist, then perfect your loving thoughts and actions. All else will follow.