When others do not think as you do, when others complain or make a fuss where you would not have, this does tend to ruffle your feathers, but this kind of reaction in yourself is habitual. Habits can be broken. If you find that you habitually react to others who differ from you with disdain or scorn, the first step is to recognize this. The second is to thank them in your head for the lesson. The third is to release the judgment. Once you release these negative thoughts which keep you feeling as separate entities, you can begin to view the other as no different than yourself.

Do you not think that you have habits that irk others? None of you is perfect. Would you not appreciate it if others looked upon you without judgment and simply sent you love and acceptance? Of course this is not your current reality, but it is a laudable goal. In the meantime, you can practice this for yourself, for what you display in your thoughts and actions is what comes back to you more and more.

If you have a neighbor or an acquaintance who you find troublesome—who you turn away from every time you see them in the distance out of a desire to avoid interaction, stop yourself and instead, approach them on purpose. Change your habitual reaction to this person. Send them love and understanding, then let it go. Do not expect to perceive a change in behavior from this other, but you can expect to be treated in the same manner by someone else, now that you have sent this energy outward. It is the law. You say, “What goes around comes around,” and there is much truth in this. So go around without judgment, sending only love, and allowing others to be as they are. Like a boomerang, your love will come back to you, so let the boomerang fly.