You wish to laugh? You wish for words of wit? Why do you think this is? Why does laughter feel so good to you? It is because it is all part of that Power which flows through you which is all goodness.

Do you not see that you are here to be an expression of that which you call God? And do you not think that this Power enjoys your joy? While God is neither a man nor a woman, God shares the same mind as man and woman, for there is, in reality, only One Mind. From where comes humor, then, do you think? Is it purely a human trait? From where comes the human, then, we ask you? All things arise from the Mind of God. Do you not think, then, that God has a sense of humor?

God takes great pleasure in seeing you laugh, for God cannot laugh. You are the expression of God. Humor, when used to bring joy—not the biting kind that causes pain to those who are the brunt of humor used maliciously—can be as a balm to the soul. Jokes used to bring a bit of light to another’s life are yet one more of the tools God has given you to bring more Light into your world. Humor is yet another way to reveal the Light in a world with far too much darkness. You are here to reveal your own light. Look for ways to laugh, and there you will find another avenue into your soul.