As you travel down the road, you see yourself passing by all around you. Is this illusion, or is it real? Change your perspective as you gaze at the road. Imagine, instead, that you are perfectly still and the road is passing under your feet. The scenery is flying by you. In actuality, this is much closer to how your life operates than you know. Your sense of time with your past, present, and future is much like this analogy. You did not live in the past. You will not live in the future. You live only now—in this moment. The past is what has flown past you. The future will be passing by. But you do not move.

You stand here in this moment free to create whatever you want from this moment. You have allowed the past to shape your beliefs. You cling to your memories as if they are real things. The past is gone. It has flown by you. It holds no more meaning, nor does the future. All meaning lies in this moment alone. You are not a victim of your past, nor paralyzed by what lies ahead. You are all powerful in this moment.

Seize this moment and enjoy it fully, unaffected by moments long flown by. Who you are now is who you will always be—an expression of all goodness. Use that goodness to create more goodness. Be the presence of love here, now, in the present, which is all you have ever, will ever, and do ever have.