Each of you has a ministry. You minister unto others when you take the time to care for them more than yourself. The self is so very self-absorbed. This you call the ego. Do not denigrate the ego, for it plays a very important role. It allows you to fulfill your purpose in life by exposing the ego for what it is—a disguise you wear temporarily over your True Self. It is your task first to recognize this disguise and then to remove it piece by piece until your True Self is fully revealed—that part of you which is all goodness, all kindness, all compassion … all Love.

When you minister unto another, you are allowing your True Self to shine through your ego. That part of the other person that may or may not yet be awakened cannot help but sense this light in you and stir. Today, may you be a minister. May you give the ego a rest and help others to see their Light.