You wander at times as if lost, wondering, “Which way should I turn?” But your life comes with no directions. You are left to interpret the map as you are. “Should I take the high road or the low? The main road or the back road? And if I do, what if I should get lost?”

Know now that inside you lies a compass. Its direction-pointing ability is unerring. Always it will lead you in the right direction. The problems begin when you look for signs outside of yourself. Beware of billboards with their glitter and bright colors. These often lead you down a dead end with their glaring temptations. Follow, instead, the ever-gentle nudging of the needle. The Compass does not speak loudly, nor poke you in the ribs. Often you will have to ask it deliberately to point the way, but because you asked, its directions are all the more clear.

Walk about today and imagine this Compass in your hand. Use it as the Divine Divining Tool that it is—leading you to water when you thirst … leading you to companionship when you are lonely, and always, my friend, pointing the way Home when you are lost.