You have a song in which it is stated that one is the loneliest number. This is a fallacy, when you do come to understand that all is one. There is but one Mind. All of you who feel so alone are but part and parcel of this Mind. And what is this Mind? Is it an impersonal Force which pulls your strings as a puppet and directs your every action? Far from it, dear one.

This mind is the Source of all love … the Source of all that is. In order to experience its creative abilities and its magnificence, this loving Source created you. It did create many you’s so that you would never be alone. Recognize your Self – your godliness – in all whom you encounter. Greet that part of you that is the same—the loving essence which flows through all of life. You are never alone, for never can you be separated from your Source. One is not the loneliest number, but the lovingest number, full of all possibility.