Never forget who you are. By this we do not mean a person with a name and a title and an occupation with whom you identify so closely. This is not the real you. If you were to remove the words “I” and “my” from your vocabulary, you would begin to have an idea of the real you.

The world appears to be replete with individuals—bunches of “I’s” running around acting on their own, but in Reality there is but one Mind running the show. You are a focus of the consciousness of that Mind. When you fully realize this, your power does not diminish, but in fact increases exponentially. We speak not of power as you know it as an “I” but the power to see the big picture … the power to heal … the power of compassion and love.

See the world through the “eye” of the Great I Am, for this is truly the only “I” that exists … and it is yours.