Do you tire of all this talk of love? If so, then why bother to arise from your bed each morning? To learn to live as Love in every moment is your task whilst here on earth and in the hereafter. This task never goes away, nor does the love—merely your expression and experience of it.

Do not wait for love to come to you. Be that which you are—the source of love itself. You need not get out of your bed at all to find it, for it lies there inside you, whether you lie in a bed or in a bed of roses. If you cannot find this love inside, it is because you have allowed a lifetime of mistaken egoic beliefs of separation and lack to darken your inner light.

It takes not an outside source to turn on the light. You are the light. It burns always there within you. You increase its intensity with your thoughts. It is that simple. Turn up the light and banish the darkness with love, for love and light are the same … and they, my friend, are you.