Do not try so hard.
For in the trying,
Your greatest strength you disregard.

It’s when you give up all the effort
That you do see great gains.
For in releasing all the struggle,
Naught but love remains.

There is a great Intelligence
That does control the world.
It flows through everything that is,
Like strands of taffy swirled.

They form a grid, these strands of Life.
If only you could see
The web of Love in which you swim—
A shining sea of energy.

This is the Mind of which you’re part,
But this you did forget.
Part of the plan agreed upon …
Do you remember yet?

If not, there’s yet more work to do
As you uncover Who you are—
A part of this great Life Force
That shares the same light as a star.

As this truth you do remember
More connected do you feel.
And so you open up the points
And God’s true love reveal.

These points of which we speak exist.
They’re your connection to the Source.
And with the mind you open them
And allow the energy to course.

So know that you are part of this—
A focus of the Whole.
To understand your place in life,
Just look inside your soul.