Into every life there comes pain. This you have come to expect. You run from this pain, but do you not see that these times of trouble and suffering have produced the greatest growth in the quickest time? It is not that we wish you to suffer, merely to see the suffering for what it is … a tool of your soul’s evolution. You have chosen your circumstances and the teachers in your life for a purpose. Welcome them for the lessons they bring you.

At the same time, know that all suffering begins in the mind. All events are neutral. The suffering comes from how you choose to interpret each event. True growth will reveal that you can control outcomes just as easily as you control your thoughts. The more you change your reactions to events which in the past may have created angst, the more you realize how very much you are created in the Father’s image.

The Father creates only goodness. It is through man’s use of this same creative Force—the power of the mind and will—that man creates darkness or light, suffering or peace. You are the creator of your personal universe. How will you shape it? Your thoughts are the clay.