The timing of special events may not be clear at first. Someone may point out something significant to you and at the time it has no meaning. Only when “Part 2” occurs do you pair it with “Part 1” and realize there is a higher Power at work here. Only when 1 and 2 are seen in juxtaposition do you see the flow. They were never separated at all, but part of one undivided wholeness that unfolds in waves. There are times when you are stuck in the troughs and cannot see the peaks. Flow, dear one, and celebrate when the connection you share with all that is becomes clear.

You are so very loved.

Note from Suzanne: I chose this photo for a reason. A friend’s husband in spirit dropped in on me and showed me sprigs of rosemary meant as a message. This had no meaning to her at the time. The next morning, she was discussing her husband at a restaurant with a friend when she noticed these rosemary sprigs on the table. This was moments before a significant event occurred that caused her to change her plans for the whole day. What a way to let her know she was not alone through the ordeal that followed! How fun to connect the dots and see the hand of Spirit at work.