Hello from Suzanne … no matter how far into the wilderness we go in Canada, we seem to find a MacDonald’s with Internet! So here are the two latest posts. (From now on, if I find Internet, no matter what time of day, I will post Sanaya’s words. Love to all… (Two new entries follow)

Peace is the goal … peace on earth and peace in your heart. Is this not where all peace beings – in the calm, stillness within? This stillness is always there, just as it is always still at the bottom of the pond, in spite of whatever waves ripple the surface. You, too, are like the pond. Whilst you may experience turmoil all around you, the peace lies ever waiting within. Know that this is the part of you—your True Self—that is ever-present and ever-accessible.

Call not upon things or people external to yourself to bring you peace, but summon the peace that lies within you and bring it to the surface. Radiate tranquility and watch the waves around you subside. In this way, you can be a peace-maker, for yourself as well as for others. Peace be with you … always.