Fly away to worlds unknown
This, my dear, is your true home
You walk awhile upon the earth
But in any moment you take birth

You are born again each time you blink
For Life is far more than you think
Not just this time you walk as “man”
That’s just one blink in God’s great plan

For Spirit is from whence you come
And what you’ll be when this life’s done
Each life’s a blink in God’s one eye
For God is One and cannot die

You live, you breathe, you blink, you see
You do it all eternally
As God’s expression, this life you live
For now to God a form you give

So use it well, this life you lead
This one in which as “man” you bleed
But know that underneath it all
You do not bleed, you cannot fall

If all does seem a mystery
Look not back upon your history
But go within where Spirit lies
The part of you that never dies