Since the dawning of time
Man has searched for meaning.
Many hours has he spent.
The truths of life thus gleaning.

Many have turned to the stars
Thinking there they’d find
The key to understanding
The mysteries of the mind.

But looking outward does no good.
For the truth there does not hide.
The mysteries of the life you see
Are tucked away inside.

Ask your questions to your Self
And not to some far stranger.
For inside you do hold great wealth.
Inside there lies no danger.

It’s in the soul where you do make
The link with your true Source.
By sitting in the silence
You can feel this mighty force.

A question posed deliberately
Will find a true reply.
For no question goes unanswered
Nothing does your Self deny.

If all knew that in the quiet
They’d find guidance for their life
They’d find their days would pass with ease
With little stress or strife.

The reason for the silence
Is to quiet all the noise.
For through the chatter you can’t hear
The One who brings your joys.

He waits for you to come to Him.
You’ll find Him through your mind.
A treasure waiting for you.
The greatest of its kind.