Corruption and vice
Are Earthly sins
Who knows at what point
The sinning begins?

It comes from the Earth
From things man does learn.
When greed, lust, and power
Are for what he does yearn.

A baby has nothing
But goodness inside.
There in its soul
Love and pureness reside.

But things start to change
When he does interact
With souls that are hardened.
This you know as a fact.

Evil is learned,
For the soul holds no malice.
When pure at one’s birth
It holds love like a chalice.

But as one grows older
The love it does tarnish.
Like well-polished wood
It loses its varnish.

But what is once lost
Can be surely regained.
There’s hope and redemption
For lives filled with pain.

These come when you realize
Your reason for living
For giving up wanting
And to others giving.

There’s no instant forgiveness.
You reap what you sow.
By with each loving act
True forgiveness you know.

All can instantly change
When this truth they do know:
Your purpose in life
Is to love and to grow.