Today all I can say is, “Wow” …

Bitter tastes the root
For it never sees the light.
And some plants know when night has come
For they curl themselves up tight.

Why this passion for the sun?
Why be pulled toward its heat?
For light’s the source of all that is.
This lesson we repeat.

At your core you’re consciousness.
Just “being” at its essence.
The physical it has no power.
Just simple obeisance.

When science joins the spiritual
And all seekers work as one,
Then finally you will find the truth
The true quest will have begun.

Til now the work has led to strife
To prove who’s wrong or right.
But when great minds do work as one
You’ll finally see the light.

For light’s the key to all you see,
The source of all that lives.
It springs from God’s pure consciousness
His light to you He gives.

Your wise men they have known this truth
They’ve spread it through the ages.
That God is love and love is light
In this they were true sages.

So seek the light and spread the love
And in this peace you’ll find.
For already you do know these truths
These in your heart you’ll find.