Those who play with music notes
Such pleasure they do bring.
When with their voice or instruments
The heaven’s sounds they sing.

For music is a gift from God
It brightens up the soul.
One broken can, with music’s help,
Once again feel whole.

“Music soothes the savage beast”
Is something you do say.
For in the soothing notes and tones
The tension slips away.

It’s all about harmonics
And resonating tones
That resonate in harmony
Within your flesh and bones.

Experiments have shown it true
That music harsh and mean
Will leave its mark upon each cell
In ways that can be seen.

But play the tones of Mozart
Or a simple lullaby
And you can see the cells relax
With little time gone by.

Thus music is a simple tool
From God it is a gift
To bring you back to harmony
If ‘ere you need a lift.

It’s “music of the Gods” you say
And this is very true
For with the sweetest tones on earth
Is how God speaks to you.