Beyond the greatest of your hopes
There lies yet even more.
So much it does await you
When you cross through Heaven’s door.

A world of life and wonders
Greater than you’ve ever seen.
It’s a world that’s even greater
Than your most cherished dream.

It makes your world seem paltry.
Even all your finest wonders.
It’s a place where thoughts make magic
With the love so strong it thunders.

You need not strive to get there
For all this way will pass.
When the body does not serve you
Then will clear the window’s glass.

And all your work will then make sense
And every earthly test
But think not that when you pass this way
That then you will find rest.

No, though its beauty exceeds all
You do not sit and slumber.
There’s work to do beyond the veil
And tasks not few in number.

But these you’ll do with no complaint
For all work it has a reason.
It’s for the growth of spirit,
Which goes on like every season.

A never ending cycle
Is your life in God’s great sphere.
For life goes on eternally.
You grow both there and here.

So hurry not this world to reach
Although it calls your name.
You’re spirit now with body’s form
And spirit you’ll remain.