So be it,
That you shall die.
Tis nothing but a passage…
The blink of an eye.

Worry not
That this world you shall leave.
A new life awaits you.
This you can believe.

Your world’s an illusion.
Not at all as it seems.
To understand it more clearly,
Simply think of your dreams.

At night what you see
To you seems quite real.
Yet if you reach out,
Can the surface you feel?

Who’s to say you’re not dreaming
As these words you do read?
Yet you argue, “I’m real!
I breathe and I bleed!”

Worry not what is real.
Simply learn what you can.
For to grow and evolve
Is the heart of the plan.

Spend your days wisely.
Learn to love all your brothers.
For the greatest of lessons
Is to do unto others.